Design Competition


We were happy to have 4 teams of talented students from Tsinghua University, Nanjing University of Arts, Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts and Jiangnan University. In three days the students worked day and night, and the final results impressed everyone at the final exhibition. The team from Jiangnan University won the top award – 3 flight tickets to the next DeSForM conference, but all the other three teams were also winning teams for their creativity, team work or the potential. Well done.

Jiangnan University:

Guangzhou Academy of Fine Arts:

Nanjing University of Arts:

Tsinghuan University:



  • The competition will be about designing for public spaces using projecting mapping.
  • Four teams from four Chinese design schools will be invited to the competition.
  • All the teams will be provided with earlier technique support over distance.
  • Four scale modules of buildings and statues will be revealed on the first day of the conference as design challenge.
  • The results will be presented at the end of the conference.
  • The winning team will get an award: 3-4 flight tickets to the next DeSForM conference.

Libraries to be installed

  • For both keystone and SurfaceMapper below, you will be in need of
    • GSVideo offers video playback, capture and recording functionalities.
    • GLGraphics that extends the capabilities of the OPENGL renderer in Processing. To use this library, your computer graphics hardware should be able to handle OpenGL textures, image post-processing filters, 3D Models, and shaders in GLSL, Cg and CgFX
  • keystone, to experience and understand the problem of projection mapping.
    • Please download and install the earlier version that works with Processing 1.5.1.
    • If you are running this on Windows or Linux, you will need to also install the JAI (Java Advanced Imaging library) for your platform.
      • For windows platform, you might have to copy “jai_core.jar” from the place you installed JAI to the “library” directory of your keystone library.
  • SurfaceMapper, to be used for more challenging projection mapping tasks.

Get Inspired

Youku Video:

YouTube Video:

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