Interactive Demos

Manon Junggeburth, Luca Giacolini, Tom van Rooij, Bastiaan van Hout, Bart Hengeveld, Mathias Funk and Joep Frens
Experio: A Laser-Triggered Dance Music Generator

Tetske Avontuur, Eveline Brink, Iuliia Malyk, Derec Wu
Sentiment Ninja: Sentiment Mining on Twitter based on Topic and Location

Cheng Zheng
Visual-Tangram: Tangible Puzzle for Children’s Intelligence Exploration

Zhiyuan Zheng, Linkai Tao, Loe Feijs and Jun Hu
Two design cases of social network for parents in the context of premature birth

Dong Yumei, Luo Xiaohe, Tan Xiaoyu, Gong Miaosen and Wu Wei
Mobile Fetal Surveillance: A product service system design for pregnant women

Martijn ten Bhömer, Eunjeong Jeon and Kristi Kuusk
Vibe-ing: Designing a smart textile care tool for the treatment of osteoporosis

Shengxiong Zhang, Tiantian Yang and Feng Wang
Social Blobs:an Interactive Art Installation in an Urban Public Space

Daniel Cermak-Sassenrath
Makin’ Cake and the Meaning in Games

Kang Kai, Tiantian Yang and Feng Wang
Interactive Art Installation for Creating Sense of Belonging in an Working Environment

Hanqi Zhang, Dan Gao, Miaosen Gong, Yawei Yin and Yiyi Zhang
EVGO: A tour service system with electrical vehicle

Joep Frens, Mathias Funk, Jun Hu, Shengxiong Zhang, Kai Kang and Feng Wang
Exploring the Concept of Interactive Patina of Culture

Evelien Van de Garde-Perik, Federico Trevia, Adam Henriksson, Luc Geurts and Helle Ullerup
Getting a GRIP at the Design of a Nature Inspired Relaxation Space for Work-Related Stress

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