About DeSForM

DeSForM, the Design Conference speaks to the notion that the nature of things, the essence of what a fabricated object is, was about to be, and really should be, completely and fundamentally questioned, re-defined, and explored.

We believe that our current conceptions need to be shattered once and for all so that we can be truly creative in how we contribute to the conceiving of the NEW THINGS.

DeSForM does this by inviting Creative people from very different practicing contexts and representing somewhat different aspects of the design disciplinary spectrum. If we succeed in accumulating the views and the abilities each brings in the conceiving of ideas and things, then surely the results would be very, very different, and might even be important in driving the practice and discipline of Design forward in some way.

In 2005 DeSForM was born!

DeSForM has established itself as a global conference with truly international participation, as witnessed in the recent success of the 2009 DeSForM conference in Taipei, Taiwan and in 2010 in Lucerne, Switzerland. DeSForM 2012:MEANING.MATTER.MAKING continued this international tradition, bringing its sphere of influence for the first time to the Southern Hemisphere.

We are pleased to announce that the 8th DeSForM workshop and conference will be hosted in Wuxi, China in 2013.

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